Tania Leon, composer and conductor
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Tania Leon, Composer and Conductor, List of Works  


Scourge of Hyacinths  90:00
Full Opera (1999)
Chamber Opera (1994)
Libretto by León, based on a play by Wole Soyinka
M, 3T, 3Bar, B, 3 spkrs; 1(A fl, pic)-1(Eb, b cl)-A sax(T sax)-1(cbn); 1-1(cnt)-T tbn-0;3 perc-pf; solo str
Commissioned by the Munich Biennale for New Music Theater; Full orchestra edition premiered by the Grand Théâtre de Genève, Switzerland


Belé [with Geoffrey Holder] (1981) 15:00
Solo pf, perc, str
For the Dance Theatre of Harlem

The Beloved [with Judith Hamilton] (1972) 10:00
fl, ob, cl, bn, pf, vc, db
For the Dance Theatre of Harlem

Dougla [with Geoffrey Holder] (1974) 20:00
2 fl, perc
For the Dance Theatre of Harlem

Haiku (1973) 25:00
fl, bn, 5 perc
Commissioned by the Dance Theatre of Harlem

Inura (2009) 40:00
voices (SATB), strings, percussion
Commissioned by Brandon Fradd for Dance Brazil
Premiered March 19, 2009 at Skirball Center, NYC

Tones (1970) 18:00
2-2-1-0; 1-0-1-1; timp-2 perc-pf, str
Commissioned by the Dance Theatre of Harlem


Drummin' (1997) 60:00
fl (pic)-cl (b cl)- sax (sop/alto/tenor); bn (contra bn)-hn-2 tpt-tbn; 2 perc - trap set; pf (synth); vn-va-vc-db (b gtr); ethnic perc. ensembles
Co-commissioned by Miami Light Project; Miami-Dade Community College; Arizona State University; New World Symphony

Duende (2003) 18:00
Baritone; 3 bata drums; 4 percussionists; 1 Latin percussionist.
Commissioned by Fest der Kontinente, Berlin, Germany in honor of the 80th birthday of Gyorgy Ligeti.

Inura (2009) 35:00
Voices, strings, and 5 percussionists
Commissioned by Brandon Fradd for DanceBrazil
Text drawn from prayers of the Yoruban Candomblé religion, passed down through generations (provided and translated by Carlos dos Santos)
Originally choreographed by Carlos dos Santos

Reflections (2006) 15:00
Text by Rita Dove
Sop., cl, tenor sax, pno, tpt, string quintet, 2 perc.
Commissioned for "WaterWorks," Aaron Davis Hall, NY with support from the Nathan  Cummings Foundation

Samarkand (2005) 60:00
Text by Wole Soyinka
Speaker, SATB, Children's Chorus, alto fl/sax, 2 perc,  3 bata drums, pno, 2 vc.
Commissioned by Louisiana State University in celebration of the opening of the Shaw Center for the Arts.


Ácana (2008) 12:49
2(pic)-2-2(b cl)-2; 2-2-1; 2 perc, pf; str
Commissioned by the Research Foundation of State University of New York - Purchase College and Orpheus with support from the New York State Music Fund.
Premiered by Purchase College, Feb. 29, 2008 and  Orpheus, April 1, 2008, Carnegie Hall, NYC

Batá (1985, rev. 1988) 7:00
2(pic)-2(eh)-2(b cl)-2; 2-2-2-1; 2 perc, hp, pf, cel; str
Commissioned by the Bay Area Women's Philharmonic

Carabalí (1991) 17:00
2(pic)-2,eh-2,b cl-2,cbn; 4-3-3-1; timp-3 perc-hp-pf-cel; str
Commissioned by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Concerto Criollo (1980) 20:00
Solo timp-solo pf-, 2-2-2-2; 4-4-3-0; perc; str
Commissioned by the National Endowment for the Arts

Desde... (2001) 18:00
2(pic)-2(eh)-2(b cl)-2(cbn); 4-2-3-0; timp-2 perc; str
Commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra with support from the Koussevitsky Music Foundation, Inc.

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel (arr. León) (2005) 3:00
Bar solo; 3-2-2-2; 2-2-3-0; timp; str
Commissioned by the Albany Symphony Orchestra with support from Paul Underwood.

Horizons (1999) 10:00
Commissioned by the NDR Sinfonie Orchester, Hamburg, and Hammoniale Festival der Frauen, Germany

Kabiosile (1988) 8:00
Solo pf; 2(pic)-2(eh)-2(b cl)-2(cbn); 4-2-3-0; timp-2 perc; str
Commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra

Para Viola y Orquesta (1994) 18:00
Va solo; 2(pic, A fl)-2-2(b cl)-2(cbn); 2-2-1-0; timp-2 perc-cel; str
Commissioned by Meet-the-Composer / Reader's Digest Commissioning Program

Seven Spirituals (arr. Ryan, orch. León) (1995) 20:00
Bar solo (or B Bar); 2(pic)-1-1-1; 2-2-1-1; 2 perc-pf, str
For the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra


A La Par (1986) 13:30
pf, perc
Commissioned by the Whitney Museum

À Tres Voces (2012)
string trio
Commissioned by Clarion Concerts

Ajiaco (1992) 7:00
for electric guitar and piano. 
Commissioned by the Schanzer/Speach Duo

Alegre (2000) 3:00
for Wind Ensemble: 2 Fl (Ob may substitute for Fl 2), 2 Cl in Bb, Alto Sax, T Sax, 2 Tpt in Bb, Trbn, Bar, Tuba, Perc (4 players: 2 bongos, 4 Ttoms, Maracas, B Dr)
Commissioned by the American Composers Forum for New Band Horizons

Arenas d'un Tiempo (1992) 12:00
cl, vc, pf
Commissioned by the NY State Music Teachers Association

Ascend (1983) 3:00
4 hn, 4 tpt, 3 tbn, tba, 3 perc
Commissioned by the Queens Symphony

Caracol (2000) 7:30
vn, va, vc, perc, pno
Commissioned by the Manchester Music Festival

Crossings (1992) 1:00
hn, 4 tpt, 4 tbn, tuba
Commissioned by the City University of New York

Cuarteto No. 2 (2011) 20:00
str quartet
Commissioned by ASCAP Foundation and Sphinx Organization

Cumba Cumbakin
2 fl. ob, 3 cl, 1 b cl, bn, 4 sax, 2 hn, 3 tp, 2 tbn, 1 tba, timp, 3 perc, 1 cb
Commissioned by Harvard Band Foundation

De Color (1996-97) 15:00
vn, mar
Commissioned by Marimolin

De Memorias (2000) 9:00
fl, ob, cl, hn, bn
Commissioned by The Mexico City Woodwind Quintet with support from the Mexico/US Fund for Culture

del Caribe, Soy! (2014) 10:00
fl, pno
Commissioned by Concerts at St. Martha

Elegia a Paul Robeson (1987)
violin, cello and piano

Entre nos (1998) 12:00
cl, bn, pno
Commissioned by Trio Neos

Esencia para cuarteto de cuerdas (2009) 18:00
vn 1, vn 2, va, vc
Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation for the Del Sol Quartet
Premiered on May 8, 2009 at Presidio Chapel, 130 Fisher Loop, San Francisco, CA

Ethos (2014) 12:00
pno, str quartet
Commissioned by NYSCA for Symphony Space
Dedicated to the memory of Isaiah Sheffer

Fanfarria (2000) 3:00
4 tpt, 2 tbn, bass tbn, 1 Perc (lg sus cym, tamburo ten, med bass dr, lg bass dr)
Commissioned by The Library of Congress for the Copland Centennial Celebration

Hechizos (1995) 15:00
fl/pic, ob, cl(A and B-flat), b cl/sop sax/ten sax; hn, tpt(B-flat), tbn; 2 perc, pf/cel/hpsd, gui; vn, va, vc, cb
Commissioned by Ensemble Modern

Indígena (1991) 8:00
fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, tpt, pf, perc, 2 vn, va, vc, cb
Commissioned by New York City's Town Hall

One Mo' Time (2016) 6:00
fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno
Composed for the members of the Da Capo Players

Origenes (2012)
For brass ensemble

Pa'lante; (2016) 15:00
Commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel, Music and Artistic Director and International Contemporary Ensemble, Premiered June 12, 2016 at the Ojai Festival with ICE and the YOLA at HOLA Symphonic Winds ensemble
- fl, bsn, sax, tbn, symphonic wind ensemble

Parajota Delaté (1988) 4:30
Commissioned by the Da Capo Chamber Players, Premiered Oct. 21, 1988, Merkin Concert Hall, NYC
- fl, cl, vn, vc, pf
For the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, 1990
- fl, ob, cl, bn, pf

Permutation Seven (1981) 15:00
fl, cl, tpt, perc, vn, vc
Commissioned by the Lincoln Center Institute

Pet's Suite (1980) 20:00
fl, pf
Commissioned by Composers' Forum

Pinceladas (2016) 10:00
For bassoon and piano

Raices (Tabla Raza) (2007)
for fl, vn, voice, pno, double bass, tabla solo, 2 perc.
  Commissioned by Latin Fiesta with support from the Philadelphia Music Project, Pew Charitable Trust. Premiered Sept. 22, 2007, Philadelphia, PA.

Saóko (1997) 9:00
brass qnt
Commissioned by the South Florida Composers Alliance/Center for Cultural Collaborations International for the Meridian Arts Ensemble

Satiné (2000) 7:00
2 pianos
Commissioned by Mirta Gomez and Gustavo Romero

sin normas ajenas (1994) 7:00
fl(pic), ob, cl; pf, 2 perc; 2 vn, va, vc
Commissioned by the U.S.-Mexico Fund for Culture

Son Sonora (1993) 15:00
fl, gui
Commissioned by Duologue

String Quartet No. 2 (2011)
Commissioned by Sphinx and the ASCAP Foundation

Tau (1995)
electric oboe, electric bass and electronic keyboards
Commissioned by First Avenue

Tiempo en Clave (2008) 6:00
vl, perc
Commissioned by Ana Milosavljevic

Toque (2006) 8:00
cl, alto sax, pno, 2 perc., vn, db
Commissioned by Opus 21


Abanico (2007)  12:00
violin and interactive computer
Commissioned by the University of Maryland for Airi Yoshioka.  Premiered May 9, 2007 at the America's Society, NYC.

Alma (2007) 7:00
flute and piano
Commissioned through the generosity of the Bay Paul Foundation as part of the Flute Book for the Twenty-first Century developed through Meet the Composer's New Music, New Donors Initiative.
Premiered by Marya Martin, Weill Recital Hall, NYC, March 29, 2007.

Axon (2002)  12:00
violin and interactive computer
Commissioned for ISCM, Hong Kong and premiered by Mari Kimura

Bailarín (1998) 4:00
Commissioned and premiered by David Starobin

Four Pieces for Cello Solo (1983) 12:00

going...gone (2012)
Composed for Liaisons: Re-Imagining Sondheim from the Piano

Hebras d' Luz (2004) 8:00
electric viola
Commissioned and premiered by Martha Mooke

Homenatge (2011)
Commissioned by the Iberian Foundation

La Tina (2004) 3:00
Commissioned by the Lucy Moses School

Mistica (2003) 12:00
Commissioned and premiered by Ursula Oppens

Momentum (1984) 7:50
Commissioned by the Women Composers Congress (Mexico)

¡Paisanos Semos! (1984) 4:30

Para Noah (2006) 1:00
written in honor of Noah Creshevsky's 60th Birthday

Rituál (1987) 7:30
Commissioned by Affiliate Artists Inc.

Tumbao (2005) (3:00)
Commissioned by Elena Riu with funds from the 2004 Dartington International Summer School

Variación (2004)
Commissioned by the Gilmore Festival


A Row of Buttons (2002) 4:00
Text by Fae Myenne Ng
SA Choir
Commissioned by the New York Treble Singers

for 2 Sop., fl, cl, perc, va, vc.
Commissioned by Carolina Performing Arts for Terry Rhodes. Premiered March 27, 2008, Chapel Hill, NC.

Batéy [with Michel Camilo] (1989) 30:00
Text by T. León, M. Camilo
2 Soprano, Countertenor, 2 Tenors, Bass
Commissioned by The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

De-Orishas (1982) 11:00
Text by Betty Neals
2 S, Ct, 2 T, B
Commissioned by The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Drume Negrita [Grenet, arr. León] (3:00) from "Two Cuban Songs"
12 solo voices (SSSAAATTTBBB)
Commissioned by Chanticleer

El Manisero [Simons, arr. León] (3:00) from "Two Cuban Songs"
12 solo voices (SSSAAATTTBBB)
Commissioned by Chanticleer

Estampas (2008) 6:00
Texts by Maya Islas, Iraida Iturralde and Alina Galiano
SATB Chorus
Commissioned and premiered by Chicago a cappella.  April 13, 2008, Chicago, IL.

Heart of Ours - A Piece (1988) 8:00
Texts by R. Sandecki; American Indians
T solo, Men's cho; fl, 4 tpt, 2 perc
Commissioned by the Vietnam Veterans' Theater Company.
Premiered Feb. 7, 1988 at Shubert Theatre, NYC.

May the Road Be Free (1999) 4:00
Text by John Marsden
Children's chorus & perc.
Commissioned by Lincoln Center for the Tree Lighting Ceremony, NYC

Metisse (2006)
SATB chorus, perc.
Commissioned by The Commissioning Project

Namiac Poems (1975)
voices and mixed ensemble
Written for NYU Contemporary Ensemble

Rezos (2001)  12:00
text by Jamaica Kincaid
SATB choir
Commissioned Terry Knowles and Marshall Rutter to honor Grant Gershon, Music Director, Los Angeles Master Chorale.
World Premiere March 8, 2003, Los Angeles, CA

Rimas Tropicales (2011) 9:00
Poetry by Carlos Pintado
Girls Chorus of San Francisco
Commissioned by Classical Movements, Inc, as part of the Eric Helms New Music Program

Sol de Doce (1997)  7:00
Text by Pedro Mir
12 Solo voices (SSSAAATTTBBB)
Commissioned by Chamber Music America

Spiritual Suite (1976)
narrator, 2 sopranos, chorus and amplified ensemble


At the Fountain of Mpindelela (2000)  14:00
Commissioned and Premiered by the National Musical Arts program "Africa Spirit Ascending," in honor of Nelson Mandela, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

Atwood Songs (2007) 8:00
Poetry by Margaret Atwood
Soprano and piano
Commissioned with support from the Hanson Institute for American Music at the Eastman School of Music and College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University.
Premiered March 25, 2007 at Syracuse University, NY

Canto (2001) 15:00
song cycle for Bar, cl (Bb/Bass), mar, vc and pno
Commissioned by Mutable Music for Thomas Buckner

Ivo, Ivo (2000) 5:00
text by Manuel Martin
Sop, cl, b cl, va, vc, db
Commissioned and Premiered by Sequitur, Joe's Pub at the Public Theater, NY

Journey (1990) 6:00
High vo, fl, hp
Commissioned by the Jubal Trio

Love After Love (2002) 9:00
Text by Derek Walcott
Soprano and marimba
Commissioned by Mary Sharp Cronson, Works and Process
Premiered by Elizabeth Farnum at the Guggenheim Museum

Mi Amor Es (2015) 4:35
Text by Carlos Pintado
Baritone and piano
Commissioned by Luigi Terruso, in memory of Emory W. Harper
Premiered February 25, 2015 The Century Association in New York

"Or like a..." (1994) 15:00
Text by John Ashbery
Bar, vc, perc
Commissioned by WNYC

Pueblo Mulato (1987) 12:00
Three Songs on Poems by Nicolás Guillén
S solo, ob, gui, db, perc, pf
Commissioned by the Cornucopia Chamber Ensemble

Reflections (2006)
Text by Rita Dove
Sop., pno, cl, alto sax, tpt, 2 perc, str. qnt.
Commissioned and developed by Harlem Stage for WaterWorks at The Gatehouse

Singin' Sepia (1996)  12:00
Five Songs on Poems by Rita Dove
S, cl, vn, pn four hands
Commissioned by the Continuum Ensemble

To and Fro (1990) 8:40
Four Songs on Poems by Alison Knowles
Med vo, pf
Commissioned by the International Society for Contemporary Music

Turning (2000) 13:00
Song cycle for Sop, Pno and Vc
Commissioned for the Ann and Richard Barshinger Center for Musical Arts in Hensel Hall, Franklin and Marshall College


Maggie Magalita (1980) 25:00
Incidental music to the play
fl, cl, vc, 2 perc, pf, gui
Text by Wendy Kesselman
Commissioned by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The Golden Windows (1982) 30:00
A Play in 3 Acts, commissioned by Byrd Hoffman Foundation
Text by Robert Wilson
fl(pic, alto fl), ob(Eh); tpt; perc-hpsd-pf; str